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(‘www.playsongs.co.kr’ or ‘Playsongs’) has the following privacy policy in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, to protect users personal information, rights, and personal interests.
(‘Playsongs’) will notify users through the website (or individual announcements) if there are changes in the Privacy Policy.

○ Current Privacy Policy will be effective starting from December 1, 2018.
1. The Privacy Policy (‘www.playsongs.co.kr’ or ‘Playsongs’) is to ensure that your personal information will only be processed for the following reasons. You will be informed of any changes in the use of personal information, and your consent will be mandatory for continued use.
A. Homepage Memberships and/or Management
To confirm membership sign-ups, maintain and manage membership status, check identity for areas in need of identification, prevent unauthorized use of services, confirm legal processing of gathering the personal information of a minority, etc.
B. Providing Goods and/or Services
To deliver goods, provide services, content, and customized service.
C. For marketing and advertising uses.
To develop new services (products) and/or customized service, participation opportunities in events and/or advertising opportunities, identify frequency of access, and/or gather member identity for statistical use.

2. File Status of Personal Information

3. Processing and/or Retention Period of Personal Information
① (‘Playsongs’) processes and retains personal information within the approved time period in laws and/or regulations; or the time period users agreed upon when first collecting personal information.
② The following represents the retention period for different personal information.
Personal information related to the above is used and retained from the approved date.
-Reason for Retention : To collect and manage memberships of Playsongs Homepage
-Related Laws and Regulations :
1) Record of collecting, processing, and using credit information : 3 years
2)Record of payment and/or supplying of goods: 5 years

4. Third Party Provision of Personal Information
① (‘www.playsongs.co.kr’, ‘Playsongs’) only provides information to a third party that is in accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
② (‘www.playsongs.co.kr’) only provides personal information to the following third parties:
-Parties receiving personal information: BiCYCLE (Corp.)
-Purpose of use for recipients: Email, user ID, name
-Period of use for recipient:
5. Consignment of Personal Information

① (‘Playsongs’) consigns to the following processes of personal information to ensure smooth processings.
1. <>
-Contents of Commissioned Work:
-Period of Consignment
② (‘www.playsongs.co.kr’ or ‘Playsongs’) manages the trustee and notifies that the trustee is prohibited from processing personal information for purposes other than the purposes pursuant to Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, which explains the prohibition of use of personal information excluding the use of carrying out duties for entrusted businesses, technical and managerial protection of personal information, and restricting re-entrustment. Strict supervision is in place to ensure the safety of processing personal information.
③ If changes are made in the contents of the consignment service, we will notify you without delay.

6. Legal representatives and/or individual users are allowed to exercise the following rights in regards to the use of personal information
① Exercise the right to view, correct, delete, and discontinue use of personal information at any time with BiCYCLE (corp.).
② Exercise rights under Paragraph (1) in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of Personal Information Protection Act, through writing, email, or fax to BiCYCLE (corp.), which we will then take action without delay.
③ Exercise rights under Paragraph (1) that permits legal action through delegated legal representatives and/or agents. In this case, the submission of Form 11, the power of attorney, is mandatory under the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act.
④ The request of viewing and discontinuing use of personal information may be restricted by the Personal Information Protection Law, Article 35 Clause 5, and Article 37 Clause 2.
⑤ The request for correction and/or deletion of personal information is not possible if you are subject to the collection of personal information in other statutes.
⑥ BiCYCLE (corp.) confirms if the person who is requesting to read, correct, or discontinue personal information is legally bound to do so.

7. List of Processed Personal Information
① (‘www.playsongs.co.kr’ or ‘Playsongs’) processes the following items of personal information
- Mandatory Items: Email, user ID, name
-Optional Items: Mobile number, home address, home number, date of birth
8. (‘Playsongs’) destroys personal information without delay with the proper method for the destruction of personal information is achieved. The following illustrate the procedures, deadlines, and method of destruction.
-Destruction Procedure
Information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after the completion of its purpose (paper documents are separated), which is then stored and destroyed within the time period according to internal policies and/or other related laws. During this time, personal information transferred to the DB will not be used for other purposes, with an exception in regards to the law.
-Destruction Period
-Method of Destruction
Personal information stored in the form of electronic files are handled to stop its reproducing of records.
Personal information stored in paper is destroyed by a crusher and/or incineration.

9. Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Automatic Collection of Personal Information
BiCYCLE(corp.) does not use ‘cookies’ that stores and uses personal information from time to time.

10. Declaration of Personal Information Protection
① BiCYCLE(corp.) is responsible for the processing and handling of personal information as well as the processing and handling of complaints regarding the processing of personal information. Our designated personal information protection officers are listed below.
▶ Protection of Personal Information Officers
Name: De Hee Lee, So Yeun Kook
Position: CEO
Position: CEO
Phone Number: 070-4119-6690
Email: playsongs@naver.com
Fax: 02-790-0385

※ You will be directed to the Privacy Protection Officer
▶ Privacy Protection Officer
Officer: BiCYCLE(corp.)
Phone Number: 070-4119-6690
Email: playsongs@naver.com
Fax: 02-790-0385

② Users have the right to inquire about questions regarding personal information protection, complaints, damage remedies etc. that occurred while using BiCYCLE Corp. (www.playsongs.co.kr or Playsongs) to the person in charge of information protection or in a related department. Bicycle Corp. (‘www.playsongs.co.kr’ or Playsongs) will respond and take care of inquiries of information without delay.

11. Change of Privacy Policy
① This privacy policy is in effect since the date of enforcement. If there are additions, deletions and corrections made on the change in accordance with laws and policies, a proper notification will be made 7 days prior to the change through announcement.

12. In order to ensure the safety of personal information, ‘Playsongs’ provide the following technical, administrative and physical measures in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act
1. Encryption of Personal Information
Your personal information is encrypted, stored and managed so that only you can know it. Important data is protected by a separate security function, such as encrypting file and transfer function or using the file lock function.
2. Restricted Access of Personal Information
We take necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, modifying, and deleting access rights to the database system that handles personal information. We also control unauthorized access from outside by using an intrusion prevention system.
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